Tips for People Moving to Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that has a great amount of charm to it. It’s an Asian city that is clean, efficient, and still holds some of the beauty from its British colonial days. Singapore is situated at the southern tip of Malaysia, allowing to develop into an important finance and trade centers. Thanks to all of these features, people are flocking to move to the beautiful city.

Singapore as an Expat Destination

Expats love to move to Singapore and have moved there in large numbers. It’s largely regarded as one of the easiest cities in Asia for expats to fit into. It’s a great place for foreigners to get acquainted with a culture that is not their own.

It’s an attractive place to move to get a good education and to raise a family. There’s a strong sense of security and low home prices, which is very attractive for those wanting to start a family. The standard of living is high, and it has healthcare facilities that are second to none in the world. Thanks to the large number of expats that do come to Singapore, many who move there are able to find clubs and groups of other expats.

The biggest con that an expat in Singapore might is that information broadcasted on TV and through the media is censored by the government. However, this obstacle is easy to overcome. You can purchase broadcast services that will allow you to see media outside of Singapore.

Cost of Living

Singapore has a high standard of living, but it comes at a steep price. It’s known as one of the most expensive places to live. Property taxes, taxes on alcohol, and taxes imposed on vehicles are all extremely high. However, this can all be manageable if you’re willing to give up certain luxuries, like going out to bars and owning a vehicle. Overall, groceries are reasonably priced. You can also find affordable places to eat, like the local hawker stalls and mall food courts.


You’ll find that the official language of Singapore is Mandarin Chinese, but the most common language spoken is English. It’s used primarily for trade and business. Children usually are usually taught English in school, but they also learn Mandarin. Other languages you’ll hear in Singapore include Cantonese, Tamil, and Malay.

Moving to Singapore: Expat Career Opportunities

While there are many opportunities available for people who are very experienced, competition is fierce. If you’re not transferring with your company to Singapore, you should definitely have a job lined up before you move.

A large portion of jobs available to expats in Singapore is in finance and banking. You can also find a few opportunities in the electronics industry, shipping, or information technology.

It’s important to note that a foreign spouse, looking to work in Singapore, can’t do so without a valid employment pass. This process is different than many other countries so it’s something you need to know before moving there.

The Bottom Line

Living in Singapore as an expat can be very rewarding. Before deciding to move there, you want to make sure that you do thorough research. Have all of your plans figured out and lined up before going.

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