Important Tips On Air Con Servicing In Singapore

The temperature in Singapore is always warm, with nighttime lows dipping to around 25 degrees and daytime highs nearing approximately 33 degrees. When you combine the warm temperatures with the high humidity in Singapore, it becomes obvious why your air conditioner is essential. When it breaks down, you want it fixed fast. Here are a few tips from coolbest aircon servicing to help you get the air con working again.

Routine Cleaning – When is the last time you cleaned your air conditioner? Keeping the cooling elements clean is essential to the air con working properly. The best way to clean the cooling fins and coils. Remember, there are two sets of coils.

The cold coils are on the side where the air blows into your home. You need to make sure these coils stay clean so air can flow freely over them. They are responsible for cooling the air before it blows into your home. If the airflow is restricted, your air con will not provide adequate cold air into the house.

On the opposite side of the air conditioner is the hot coils. These are the coils responsible for taking the heat out of the air conditioner and your home. You need to make sure these coils and their cooling fins are clean and air can flow over them easily. If they are blocked with dirt, your air con cannot cool remove the heat which makes your air con inefficient and will result in improper cooling.

You can clean both sets of coils with a water hose and light pressure. If it is a window unit, you will want to take it out of the window and find a safe place to clean. Make sure the air conditioner is completely dry before plugging it back into the outlet and turning it on.

Regular Service – If you have a central air conditioning system, you should have it checked annually to make sure everything is functioning optimally. The cost of a quick checkup will be offset by lower electrical costs for keeping your home cool.

The air con technician will verify the fans, compressor, and cooling system are running smoothly. If not, they will advise you on what repairs are necessary. Routine air con servicing in Singapore is important. It makes sure you do not suffer for days while waiting for a technician, plus lowers your electric bill.

The technician will clean the air conditioner when he checks it so you won’t need to.

Emergency Air Con Service – When you air-con stops working, you want it fixed fast. You can get emergency air con service in Singapore and usually have it fixed the same day, but at a slightly higher price than a regular repair call. When you call for service, ask how much extra you need to pay to get a technician to your home today. Sometimes the added cost is worth it.

Air con servicing in Singapore is a fact of life. At some point, your air conditioner will break down. You can keep it running longer with routine cleanings and annual maintenance, but when it stops, don’t hesitate to call a qualified repair center.

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